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 "Технология транспортного машиностроения и  ремонта подвижного состава"

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На страницу Самостоятельная работа студентов"

Добрый день, к аттестации по английскому языку 
необходимо выполнить перевод текста в приложенном файле
и отправить мне на эту почту: vblpuknik@mail.ru.  
-- С уважением,
Екатерина Николаевна Гитайло

We constantly extend our business and we look for new partners in other
countries. This experience enables us to provide advanced technology and efficient
service. WE `d like to inform you that the service life of our equipment was
increased and prices were reduced. Today our prices are sensible and competitive.
Besides we can easily adapt our equipment to our customer’s needs. If you are
interested in our products, I can give you some advertising materials to let your
known the main characteristics of our products.
2) Our company produces electrical instruments. The introduction of
advanced technologies enables to us increase the service life, which is 10
years in case of proper maintenance. As our prices are competitive enough
we have regular customers. We accept cash and bank transfer. Besides you
can pay with an irrevocable letter of credit which you can open with any
Russian bank. I have got some advertising materials with me, so you will be
able to study the main characteristics of our products.
3) Our company is young and promising. Every time when we have a vacant
position, there are many applicants for it and sometimes it is difficult to
make a decision. We prefer applicants with work experience, fluent English
and Microsoft word, excellent references. Apart from that, they must have
such qualities as reliability, loyalty and energy. All applicants are asked
about their ability to work under pressure and make decision. We need a
team of creative people to make our company competitive on the world
4) I was offered a position of an advertising manager and I was given a 3
month test period. I submitted good references from my previous job. My
strengths are communication skills, ability to work under pressure and also I
can operate a computer and speak English well. I hope that after test period I
will be hired. I will be responsible for preparing advertising materials and
placing them in the most effective mass media. Outside advertising is the
most profitable today: billboards, banners hanging across the street and
transport advertisement.
5) Now Im looking for a job. I ve sent my resume and covering letter, printed
with the laser printer, to some companies. Usually a resume has the
following information about the applicant for the position: education, work
experience, personal details, that is his name, address and date of birth. I
believe that I have work experience and personal qualities to cope with
responsibilities of a sales manager. At my previous job I was responsible for
sales and after sales. My best strength is communication ability.
6) - can I speak to mr Brown?
-hold on, please, I will check if mr Brown is in.
- Braun is speaking
- Good afternoon mr Braun. This is John Smite. Did your secretary give
you my massage yesterday?
- Yes, she did, but I couldn’t call you back yesterday, because I had
international telephone talks with our representative in London.
- mr Brown we were greatly impressed by specifications of your processing
equipment. How long will it take you to deliver 2 sets of equipment and to
pit them into operation?
7) Our company was founded in 1995, the founders of our company are
individual and corporate bodies. According to our law status we are public
limited company. Currently we employ about 1000 people and our turn over
is more then 20000$. We are managed by the meeting of Shareholders and
the Boards of Directors. We investigate thoroughly all business proposal
make draft contacts, where we discuss prices, time of delivery, payment and
other terms. We conclude contracts in case the terms meet our requirements.
Our company consists of six departments: Production, Sales, Export,
Personnel and Research. We have several sales subsidiaries and 2 manufactories.
We export our equipment to Eastern Europe. We investigated thoroughly all
business proposals, make draft Contracts, discuss prices, payment, delivery and
other terms. If terms meet our requirements we conclude contract about
cooperation. At the moment we are looking for a new partner, because we are
extending our activity.
Our detailed price list will convince you in wide range of our goods. Our
prices include packing and transportation. As for the terms of payment, we can
accept letter of credit, cheque and open account. We accept cash for small
consignments and bank transfer for big orders. If you pay in cash we give you
discounts. Discount rate depends on the total amount of the contract. Our prices are
sensible and competitive; we take into consideration, that price is a important
element of marketing formula.
Our equipment is not a bad choice: It correspond the highest
international standards existing in the world today. The guarantee for our
equipment 12 months from the stapt-up of the equipment into operation. Our
equipment is fully computerized and it is easy for even inexperienced
personal to operate it. We put our equipment into operation within 2 to 5
weeks depending on the model. Our sales representatives get in touch with
wholesalers and retailers.
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